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Tour General which flow

Now many people are like in holiday of when organization colleagues, and family with tours out tourism, but some people not know tourism tours of process, following small series on for you simple introduced about tourism tours General has which process:
1, and call phone reservation vehicles, needed provides models, mention car time, and mention car stores, days; first reservation need provides personal of some related information,.
2, car time to book stores carry cars, car rental formalities business.
3, first of all required car hire necessary documents, pay the rent and security deposit; the clerk issued a "car rental registration form", the front is the lessee of relevant information, and information about the car rental, the back is leasing contract, require the lessee signing on both sides. There is a "supplementary agreement" also needs to be signed.
4, sales with customers on the grid, on a "vehicle transfer form" marked on the car body scratches and some parts of the car, such as fire extinguishers, etc. Lessee sign-out signatures, then the car can be left.
5, car hire people to safe driving the car.
6, return the car to the time, drove to the store, and sales with vehicle body is scratched, auto parts are complete. Checked and confirmed, after "vehicle transfer form" was signed. Sales hit a "statement", customers sign, then sales will be returned to the lessee's deposit and mortgage documents. BACK

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