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What factors affect the price of car rental

couples want to have a perfect wedding, so all of the weddings are arranged, not only is the wedding feast, wedding cars arranged in advance. Most wedding car rental, wedding car rental price is affected by many factors influence, what factors will affect the car rental price? Now introduce to you:
1, the date of the wedding. Good source tension, wedding car rental prices rising day simply means that most married couples choose wedding day, such as yellow on some very good two-day 51 and 11 in particular, we take a long vacation days.
2, car brands. Red flag and A6, Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln, price must be distinguished, the more high-end lease prices more expensive.
3, length of rental cars, new or old. On the marriage front length 7 m, 8 m, 9 m, 11 m, several standards, as long as the more expensive, with the length of the new style of expensive, would like to remind you is more than 9 meters long car be sure to route the dime is available.
4 date, wedding car rental contract is signed. More ahead, vehicle prices are more affordable, the closer the wedding, wedding cars available fewer resources, wedding company wedding car prices vary sources, some wedding companies have a car, some leased car, if the sublease is many times the price will be high. 
5, in addition, car rental and other costs associated with, such as more than 60 km/h or more than 10 hours to charge an additional fee, as well as suburban crossing, bridge, etc.


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