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What are the types of car rental

When people travel abroad, do not want to walk, and when you do not want to take the bus, car rental is a very good choice, but some tourists what type of car rental is not understood, Weihai now tour to introduce you to:
car rental can be divided into daily, monthly rental and long-term lease of three classes.
daily: is subject to 24 hour/day with driver for 9 hours/day. From the lessee leased vehicles leaving the parking position calculation time. At the end of the lease, the tenant need to return the car to the company's location back to the vehicle, and write a single time. More than 6 hours by day rental. Some limited km.
monthly rent: in addition to compliance with the relevant provisions of the daily things, lessee need at a certain time for the appointment to a specified maintenance leasing company, to lease vehicles for maintenance on a regular basis once a month, to write single register vehicle operating conditions.
long-term leases: an annual unit and in accordance with the relevant provisions for rental vehicles for regular monthly maintenance, vehicle operating conditions and write single register. BACK

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