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Wedding car rental

Wedding car rental

Wedding is the new most important moments in your life, in order to ensure the perfect wedding, new at the time of rental wedding cars, to learn the following skills:
1, determine the candidate models and driving directions: you can choose 2-3 as a candidate for his front-car. Remember, be sure to discuss it with the other half properly, do not choose each other do not like cars, making their wedding day in a bad mood. Few candidates of buses, more likely to rent a car on the wedding day, especially during wedding season. Determine driving directions, can estimate the mileage and time required on the one hand, on the other hand some small sections are not well suited to long car, you can also avoid the selected the wrong car.
2, determine the candidate businesses: now with so many wedding-related businesses, cohabitation, the proposed selection of high integrity business. If some small brands, even if the price advantages, also well chosen. Wedding day is seeking a smooth steady, if you encounter unexpected conditions, experienced larger companies would be easier to deal with.
3, know the schedule, condition, price: consult, several of your favorite car whether billing, quotation, remember to ask, whether at a special rate. Condition is of interest to you must part. More car models of new or old, appearance of wear and so on, their prices will have a big gap. To rent a cheap car, choose 90% new look new without excessive wear or car, styles old and new levels of outside, many people only know the car brand, style not too many studies.

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